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Custom Shop Build - Fat Bob®

21 November 2018

Check out this custom shop build from the team at Central Coast Harley-Davidson®!

With this build we wanted to accentuate the parts that made the bike look really cool and improve upon the H-D® look.

We achieved this inexpensively and look how drastic the improvement is to the bike’s looks!

8” Pullback T-bar’s for a comfortable reach and maximum corner carving control as well as a super cool look..

Harley-Davidson® Jet-Black Heatshields with Rinehart Racing slip-on mufflers accentuate the Fat Bob’s Dark Custom style and delivers the deep booming exhaust note Harley® is legendary for.

The Fender Eliminator moves the original licence plate location and puts the Fat Bob’s block like, aggressive rear tire tread in full view.

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